Our Mission

Putting the well-being and greater good of the planet, its people and the entire marine ecosystem before anything else. Zero Pollution Network Limited is an environmental organization that brings together for the first time, decades of knowledge, proven technology, skills, business finance, charitable donation via the Zero Pollution Foundation and a host of proven solutions under a single umbrella to tackle head on, rather than just talking about, the growing issues facing our World due to aquatic pollution ranging from Plastics in the Oceans, Raw Sewage, Industrial Waste, Hydrocarbons, Heavy Metals through to Pesticides. Biocides, etc.

Find Out how you can become active in the Zero Pollution Network

The Zero Pollution Network is Environmental Organisation open to Business, Charities, Trade Associations, Utilities, Government Bodies, Legal Enforcers,  Campaigners, Educational Institutions and anybody that wants to have a positive impact on global aquatic pollution  and not just talk or complain about it!

The Zero Pollution Network thanks you

Whether you participate by presenting a pollution issue to be resolved or becoming a solutions provider within the Network you will be helping us to tackle the Global crisis in aquatic pollution. 

Our Members thrive on challenge and already have been pioneering solutions to combat pollution such as spills of plastics, sewage and medical waste from CSO / SSO overflows in the Wastewater Networks, heavy metal discharges from mining and highways, industrial pollution,  pollution from wastewater treatment and pollution from spills and firewater. 

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