Our Mission

8 of the top United Nation Sustainability Goals are covered by the Zero Pollution Network

The Zero Pollution Network’s Mission is to facilitate the development and delivery of solutions and awareness to reduce aquatic pollution whilst simultaneously working with the Corporate World to enhance CSR and ESG. 

In addition to Climate Change, we focus on the too often forgotten pollutants such as plastics,  micro-plastics, raw sewage, wastewater treatment works discharges, mine waters, agricultural diffused pollution, highways runoff and industrial process discharges all of which can be traced back to business and are 2 of the top 4 metrics measured for ESG . Further using the metrics of the United Nations we tick 8 of their top 17 goals for Global Sustainability.

We are a Network of experts, businesses, investors and consultants that want to make a difference now, with action rather than words! Combined we have hundreds of years of experience and a growing Network Members that includes solution providers, installation teams, intellectual property agents, financiers, benefactors, engineers, consultants and scientist

We need your support as there is only one world and we all have a collective responsibility 

Membership of the Zero Pollution Network

Membership is open to businesses large and small but with an emphasis on businesses that want to play an active role in the battle against aquatic pollution and climate change. Membership is not just for the supply chain, but also for customers / potential polluters who are looking to improve their businesses to demonstrate CSR [ Corporate Social of Responsibility ] and improve their ESG [ Environmental Social Governance ] to enhance share value.

  • Established Businesses Providing Solution & Systems 
  • Startup Companies 
  • Technology/Component Suppliers, e.g. Sensor, Solar PV, Clean Battery Technology….
  • Design Consultants & Engineers 
  • Any Business that Wishes to Improve its CSR and/or ESG
  • Installation and Maintenance Companies
  • Research, Academic Institutions and Bodies
  • Professional Services from IP, Patent Attorneys to R&D Tax Credits 
  • Water Companies, Government Bodies, Mine Companies and Industry – User Groups
  • Media, Exhibition and Advertising Companies that promote the Network and its Aims 
  • Individuals that Wish to Donate 

We impose no restriction on the size of a business size or its turnover.  However,   

the Network is geared particularly to embrace, foster, nurture small and micro businesses, sole traders, inventors and innovators who may have great ideas, but to the detriment of our World are often overlooked, dismissed and ignored by customers and investors alike.  

To join simply follow the link: Join Here

Supply Chain Membership Benefits

Aside from the satisfaction of delivering technology, support and solutions to reduce pollution, the Zero Pollution Network offers numerous benefits to its Members. 

The Network has something for everyone ranging from the large established corporate right down to the smallest of micro entity and startup. Ultimately what must never be forgotten is the Network is here for the sole purpose of bringing the community together to tackle aquatic pollution and climate change head on.

  • Increased Sales & Revenue
  • Ability to Focus R&D in the Right Direction
  • Educate and Drive Adoption of New Technology 
  • The Strength of Working Together 
  • Lobbying Power of a Single Voice 
  • Public Demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR
  • Ability to Improve Environmental Social Governance]
  • Networking & Social Media Opportunities 
  • The Zero Pollution Competitions - Challenge Board 
  • Venture Capital Funding 
  • Simplified or Collective Access to Grant Funding 
  • Access to Trial Sites & Test Facilities 
  • Share Skills to Plug Skill & Resource Gaps
  • Discounts on Fellow Members Products and Services 
  • Trade Show Pavilions at Discounted Rates
  • Ability to Form Joint Ventures
  • M&A, Exit Strategy Planning and Enhanced Valuations 

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